Buhari Regime Sabotaging War On Terror
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Borno Elders Forum has claimed that President Muhamadu Buhari’s regime officials are obstructing the country’s counter-terrorism fight.

Khalifa Dikwa, dean of the forum, made the allegation on Channels TV on Monday.

He suggested that officials of Mr Buhari’s regime sabotaging the country’s efforts to acquire new technologies to boost the country’s terrorism fight.

Mr Dikwa, who played down the issue of understaffing in security agencies, stated, “The deficiency in staffing, the number of our military, police being overwhelmed; No, they can still do it if the technology is there.”

Speaking further, he said, “Why is it that there are people within the system who are sabotaging the technology? For our military, we should have technologies like night visuals, helicopters that can see at night, and so on. They are not being given.

“They are sabotaging our army, our military, our police, our DSS, and so on. It is those in government or close to the government.”

His allegation followed series of attacks on communities, schools, security bases, and security officials across the country.

As insecurity in the northern region worsens, criminal elements including Boko Haram, ISWAP terrorists, and bandits have continued to take advantage of Mr Buhari’s lethargic disposition to the crisis. Mr Buhari has not hidden his admiration and support for Isa Pantami, the communications minister with avowed links to terrorist organisations like the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and Boko Haram.

A month after the abduction of Federal College of Forestry Mechanisation students, bandits last week invaded Greenfield University, another Kaduna school abducting more than 20 students.

On Monday, Peoples Gazette reported how Boko Haram terrorists breached a crucial military base in Borno, killing a commander and at least thirty soldiers.

Information shared to journalists by military sources said the insurgents disguised as friendly troops to enter the fortified headquarters of the powerful 156 Task Force Battalion in Mainok.

Military sources said the timing of the attack raised suspicions that internal military activities, especially communication signals, might have been leaked to the insurgents.

Also, in the South-East, attacks on police facilities had become a worrisome reoccurring event raising questions on the capacity of the security agency to protect lives and properties adequately.


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