Return To North Now Before It's Too Late, Northern Elders Warn Fulani Herdsmen
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Northern Elders Forum (NEF) have asked Fulani herdsmen to leave the southern part of Nigeria and returned to their ancestral home in the north if their lives and properties cannot be protected by the government. 

Addressing a joint press conference in Abuja, the chairman of NEF, Prof. Ango Abdullahi, said the Forum would continue to take up issues relating to the security and safety of Northerners in the South.

Abdullahi said their kinsmen should immediately vacate the south if their safety and security could no longer be guaranteed in the region.

“I will like to take a particular note of the last paragraph of your presentation especially with what we have heard in the last few hours that some violence had already started to manifest in some sections of the country against the herdsmen, who for all known reasons have been in peaceful co-existence in the communities where they have lived for many years,” Abdullahi said.


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